The honors program is aimed at motivated and excellent students who have the potential to excel in leadership and who are capable of successfully combining their regular Master’s program with the honors program and possibly other activities. Successfully in this context means ‘without causing a delay in the completion of your Master’s program’.

You can apply by submitting an application letter to the Program Director of your own graduate school with CC to the Honors Academy ( In this letter you motivate why you want to do an honors program and what makes you an excellent candidate for the professional development as well as personal leadership part. You need to enclose two appendices: (1) evidence of your past performance and (2) a tentative plan for your professional development: what do you want to achieve and how?

Evidence of past performance is not just the Grade Point Average (GPA) you have achieved as an undergraduate (bachelor) but also includes extracurricular activities and achievements. If you apply for a position in an existing honors program of a graduate school or research institute you might need to comply with additional, specific admission requirements.

After you have submitted your application with evidence and motivation, your program director will invite you for an application interview, Based on your application letter and interview you can be conditional accepted.

If you are conditional accepted you will start with the Personal Leadership component. The first sessions of the Personal Leadership experience will help you to define your final plan for professional development. After submitting your final plan, the Graduate Program Director of your department and the Honors Academy will take the final decision on your admission.  

Application timeline
application deadlineSeptember 13, 2017
application interviewSeptember 18-20, 2017
conditional admissionSeptember 21, 2017
start personal leadership experience*

September 25, 2017

October 2, 2017

submit final plan for professional developmentDecember 8, 2017

* check the time schedule